This year I decided to write in a very constrained and constricted form, which I am calling "ten elevenths." Because it is necessary to read this stuff in a particular way, not in order according to date, I am posting the results on my personal page (see below).

It should be completely linked by around October 5, 2000. Before that you will have to use the back arrow from time to time. You can tell what date I wrote the various parts by looking at the web address at the top. The last part of the url starts with a 3-digit number, indicating the date (801, for instance, is August 1).

I mostly wrote at around 3:15 in the morning, because I happened to be awake then. I found that the few times that I was asleep at 3:15 and set my alarm, I usually found some substitute for writing. For instance, one night I thought about a cupcake with a cherry on top, and that image seemed, at the time, to count as writing. In retrospect, I think I was wrong, because I didn't turn on the light, or pick up a pen, or even think about any words associated with this cupcake. So after a couple of incidents like that one, I decided to merely write as late at night as I possibly could without having to wake up to an alarm. I was often very very tired and found that, even in this extremely constrained form, little pieces of my subconscious floated to the surface and found their way onto the page.

For my 3:15 2K writing, please see: