I had a very unique experience with the 3:15 Experiment: not only was this my first time around, but I was traveling as well. Because I managed to write every single morning wherever I was in Europe, the string of 3:15s forms a kind of travelogue of this trip. Each day I would reset my Timex portable alarm clock, make sure it was adjusted for the proper time zone, and at 3:15am roll over and write, regardless of who I was waking up or where I was: hotel room, airplane, train. Many of them were written in transit, and too many while I was wide awake.

I flew into Paris, took the Chunnel to London, visited Oxford, Woodstock, Stonehenge. Took the ferry from Harwitch ("Har'itch") to Amsterdam, from there to the Czech Republic. Long about Prague I hooked up with my pal Danika, and we train-hopped from there to Cesky Krumlov, Budapest, and Vienna (land of Wieners), from whence I moved on to Florence, Nice, Lausanne, back to Vienna, and finally to Paris and out via a series of night trains. What a rush.

What emerged was a sleepy diary that often doesn't make a lot of sense except under the twilit hypnogogic state that gives it that unique sense of the unconscious, as if written by another hand while the mind is still dreaming. A marvelous experience, unrepeatable even if the route were retraced.


Tod McCoy