August 2001

this year, the first year since beginning the 3:15's, I was working full-time during the month of August. in the past, was working part-time and/or traveling - creating space around the experiment. more difficult to pull / keep myself out of sleep this year due to exhaustion and illness. these were more hypnogogic / pompic entries than the last few years simply because it was so difficult stay awake enough to write. ball point pens are the secret to not ruining your 3:15 sheets.

tried something slightly different this year in my own attempt to keep the experiment new, and at the same time not limited by too many constraints (the freedom of 3:15 is what keeps me coming back). before I went to sleep each night, i wrote a title for that night's entry beginning Journal of. upon waking to write, this sometimes lead the work, depending on how conscious I was during the writing. if i got tangential or had a sudden writer's block, it was a helpful device to pull me back in.