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Gwendolyn Alley (Ventura, CA)
Laura Conway (Prague, CZ)
Danika Dinsmore (Seattle, WA)
Jen Hofer (Mexico City, Mexico)
Evelyn Holloway (Vienna, Austria)
Jenn Guitart (San Francisco, CA)
Stefan Kamola (Tuva!)
Leslie Kleinberg (Oakland, CA)
Lauren Valk Lawson (Seattle, WA)
Tod McCoy (Seattle, WA)
Rebecca Meredith (Redmond, WA)
Paul Nelson (Auburn, WA)
Dawn-Marie Oliver (Duvall, WA)
Stephan Moser (Vienna, Austria)
Andrew Noble (Vienna, Austria)
Addie Patuto (Bloomfield, NJ)
Tina Schumann (Seattle, WA)
Adam Tobin (Oakland, CA)
Peter Waugh (Vienna, Austria)
David Welper (Detroit, MI)
Sarah West (Bellevue, WA)
Celia White (San Francisco, CA)
A smaller gathering this year.  A quiet one.  Some new participants, some deciding waking at 3:15 AM won't work for them any longer.  It is a challenge and your mind and body have to be willing.  Sometimes, it's not what the doctor ordered.  Some participants, however, are addicted.  Some of us can't stop, can't think of NOT participating when August rolls around.  Something is definitely fed, even if it is not shared.  The surprise brings us back.  The uncontrollable / unpredictable part of ourselves…

Oh, yeah, and buy the book!  Albert did a great job.

The 3:15 Experiment available for $14.00 from Owl Press Books at www.theowlpress.com