001 August 3:15 Process

After one last attempt into the mindless meander that Projective Verse all too often can be, (August 1 - Alarm Goes Off on Another August), I tried to use a McLuhan line to spur on some deeper thots/feelings abt the notion of sound poetry rather than the visual kind. This in anticipation of the E-Poets Geo Conference II and my participation on a panel allegedly dedicated to these questions. I came up with August 1 - (3 Lines from McLuhan) and the phrase acrostic form, which I had done sporadically since discovering them 4 or 5 yrs ago, just began to click.

As the 3:15 series is a process intended to be private until it is over for the yr, I did not give it much thot until today, having written the last of the series. During yoga I realized that the phrase acrostic form serves as a TRIGGER for me, allowing that vamping ability to roam, yet providing enuf structure to prevent the wild ramblings which come from an attempt @ Projective Verse which IS a very difficult form to write in w/ success as McClure has pointed out.

In addition, the McClure spell, I think, may have been finally assimilated, tho he will always be a presence in my work, for which I am grateful. The influence of Anne Waldman's busted syntax, as rendered in Marriage: A Sentence has given me a lot of juice and the intellect has been well-served by the myriad impulses Jerome Rothenberg unearthed in Poems For The Millennium II which I have mined regularly for quotes. Inger Christiensen said: "By using a system you are trying to reveal the rhythm of the universe… In the creation story first there is silence then come patterns… You have access to a universe that begins to carry you into something that you would never have been able to see or write ." I find this inspiring and re-affirming.

Bob Kaufman, Lewis MacAdams, Native artist Edgar Heap of Birds, jazz liner note writer Howard Mandel, Jerome Rothenberg, Ashley Kahn, Ted Berrigan, Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams, Anne Waldman, Ed Dorn & Gordon Brotherton's The Sun Unwound anthology, Tripping by Charles Hayes and other writing sources were mined, some with great success, some with less. New CD's from Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Karrin Allyson near the end of the month also gave juice for the creative push, as did the simple scenes from life in this Slaughter.

The poetry/sax collaboration w/ Dan Blunck inspired and Stephanie Skura, my soul-mate, was able to be a solid foundation on which to write & grow, as well as a source of inspirations for American Sentences, which I continued to write daily. She did this while involved in the annual Skinner Releasing Intensive, the busiest time of year for her.

8.30 - Stephs's blueberry perception: They looked imperfect & they tasted good.

This August my shadow was really unveiled for me to get a glimpse long enough to start to create some positive changes. Thanks to Stephanie, Rebecca Rose, Elaine Childs-Gowell, Stefan Stinner, David Sheldon, Solihin Thom, Tomas Jones, my family, our pets Kuma, Zappa & Alice, the Board of IpiPP, Dick, Paul, Nancy, Chuck, my saints, deities & antepasados (you know who you are!) and most of all, Robb Dreblow who, besides Stephanie, was likely the biggest presence in this effort. Thank you R.D!

Thanks to Danika for organizing this again, to webmeister extraordinaire Tod McCoy and all the 3:15ers. Until next year.

Paul Nelson
Auburn, WA
9A 8.31.01