9/4/01-1146 pm

This was a great experiment for me for 2 reasons. I confess I did not keep it up through the month. I could not. Brings us to reason #1—it cured me (mostly) of insomnia that I have faced last 6 years since hysterectomy (August 95) Just knowing I should wake up helped me sleep for alarm which I set faithfully and didn't wake to.

Reason #2 is I like what I wrote and am writing more after similar hiatus. I have included everything I wrote and could read with some indecipherable (no those aren't typos, they are writos.) Have no clue if they are in the right order, as my notebook by bed system was deplorable. (Two entries were written on top of each other!) I did follow the rules of not discussing or re-reading and had some hilarious moments while typing it all up.

Thank you for the good times and crazy nights. I would try again next year if I would be invited back.