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Danika Dinsmore
Amber Fearn
Lisa Hanson
Evelyn Holloway
Tod McCoy
Paul Nelson
Andrew Noble
Dawn-Marie Oliver
Paul Smith

For the last few years I've said to myself, "This is probably the last year for The 3:15 Experiment ..." Then we get some new participants like Amber Fearn:

moon tonight
reflects the sun
into a morning star
cross that casts
the sleepy neighborhood
in a near-holy light.

(August 20, 2002)

Lisa Hanson:

If I were giver of sleep
I'd slay dragon slip down lover
     hover over
     gwen again
damsel of flame and a
strangled voice.
Speak Silmendron for thou
art beauty personified
by lips that open for truth.

(August 4, 2002)

and Paul Smith:

the best breasts
& the breath of death
combine in a mess
i can't caress

(August 25, 2002)

... and the enthusiasm waxes once again. Plus I've been thinking about another 3:15 anthology or an experimental journal, this time in a sort of on-line zine format where "experiments" are suggested and submissions posted.

You'll notice that this year we are only listing those poets who actually submitted their work to us. There were many more poets who participated, but did not submit their work for various reasons. You'll also notice Webmaster Tod's awesome system where you can switch back and forth between poets and days.

Comments and suggestions welcome. New participants encouraged.

Danika Dinsmore
curator, The 3:15 Experiment

©2002 the respective poets
All Rights Reserved