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Welcome to the 3:15 homepage for Christopher Jarmick

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Christopher J. Jarmick

This was the first time I participated in the 3:15 A.M. experiment.  It was odd to wake up jot down things in the steno pad and go back to sleep.  I donít need much sleep, but I tend to sleep very deep in 2 to 4 hour spurtsÖ often around 5 or 6 hours total is enough.   So I worried about disrupting my sleep patterns.  I work as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley these days and must wake up a little after 5 a.m.

Quite frankly I figured I might cheat once in a while and actually write things when I first got upóin the morning, but I didnít do that.   I stuck to the program getting up, writing, going back to sleep, even when we were away for a few days on vacation, I woke up sometimes before the alarm clock buzzed at 3:14 every morning.   Several times I got up and jotted things down on the computer.

As I type up what needs to be typed, and transfer whatís already on computer, I see a few lines here and thereóthat donít seem to be written by me.  I like that!!!   Mostly itís a familiar couple of writing voices that Iím writing in.   I have to live with these voices
and I see the flaws and problems.  There is little here perhaps of any value, particularly to anyone looking in, but look deeper.  I took the word experiment and tried to create a clean rather un-poetic slate and write anything, quickly and then be done with it and get back to sleep.  At the very end is New Orleans.  A first raw impression.  

What a great experience it was in terms of creating a few things outside the box and doing it in a disciplined manner.  Very glad I stuck to itófeels like quite an accomplishment.  Some of this junk can be re-worked into material I might end up reading out loud to a few people. (In fact thatís already happened in a few cases). I discover that although I am still utterly in love with the slightly too clever line or phrase that then I hope to build a poem around in support, I can enjoy the impressionistic movements that words form and sometimes completely go with a flow which does not always lead to a complete mess.  I worry far less these days about what I perceive others 'think' about my writing.  I believe in poetry as a very oral tradition that should be read out loud and I enjoy seeing the reactions that poets I know, poems I know receive. I suppose I am still a bit concerned about the impression some of my work may leave upon a listener or reader, but many understand it's a dance with steps that are often improvised.  I must try new things, I must play with old things, I sometimes even have to show off—though less often than ever before. I have also outgrown manipulating an audience reaction simply because it can be done or for egotistical reasons.  I wish more performance poets and slam poets would stop that kind of b.s. and get back to poetry again. We can be engaging and 'authentic' and not fall into a sameness, peer group voice, commercial trap.  I also see some people getting less patient and more hyper critical with what others are doing.  They perhaps are frustrated with their own work their own cages of words they must shake the cages anyway they can.

I might mention on July 31st I was in a car accident.  No bad injuries, but my Camry was totaled when a large GMAC rear ended me.  He was going about 35 miles an hour,  I was stopped—could have been much worse.  Youíll notice a few references to the experience in the writing I produced.

Thanks in advance, Todd M. for creating the website, the means to share the experiment with each other.  Paul for letting me know about it,  Danika for letting me crash the party.  

Christopher J. Jarmick  
September 2nd  9:15 p.m.  (slight revision on November 27, 2005) Seattle, WA
Comments are welcome  at   glasscocoon@hotmail.com


The 3:15 a.m. Experiment for me this year was a chance to force myself to sadistically wake up at approximately 3:15 a.m. and scribble something down on a notepad that resembled a poem.  Luckily I forced myself to transcribe my scribblings to my computer shotly after they were scribbled down so that I could still read what I wrote.

I felt a sense of accomplishment when it was over, having stuck to the routine for the entire month.  The output was hit and miss, mostly miss, but there was a line here and a line there, a voice here and an idea there that I found worthwhile or at least led to some sort of personal development.  

A couple I look at and go.. I wrote that?  (in a good way).  Mostly of course it's ...well humbling.

It was again a valuable exercise to take part in.  Thanks Danika for creating it...

Thanks for continueing the tradition Liz and to Tod for keeping the website going.


(I still curate and run some poetry readings in the Seattle Area which take place on the 2nd Saturday and 3rd Friday of the month—poetry reading fans and potential featured readers contact me at glasscocoon@hotmail.com )  


Christopher J. Jarmick is a writer, poet and financial advisor who lives in Seattle Washington.  (no more 3rd person stuff.. please).   I am President of PEN-Washington sit on the board at PEN USA at Antioch College in Culver City California.  I am the former executive vice president of the Washington Poets Association.  I'm proud of the fact that I have kept a regularly scheduled poetry reading going for 8 years in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle.   It started as a twice a month thang at the Take Another Look Bookstore, moved to Lottie Motts and now happens the 3rd Friday of every month at Bookworm Exchange.  

I started another series a little over a year ago at a place a few miles South of Bookworm, on the border of Seattle and Renton.  This happens on the 2nd Saturday of the month at Ugly Mug Coffee House.  I'm also right now in the middle of curating and hosting the Poets at Pike Place Market series (2nd year of this) which takes place at Victor Steinbrueck park dates to come:  Sunday  August 3rd,  August 24th, Sept. 7th and September 21.  I made sure the featured poets I ask to read are paid a few bucks for this venue since it is sponsored by the Downtown Seattle Association and the Seattle Parks and Recreation department.

I've had a really exciting year creatively...I've gotten involved with Little Red Studio an interactive theater troupe that puts on edgy shows that pushes the envelope in regard to what is theater.  I initially got involved as a poet, thanks to people like Dobbie Norris and mostly Eileen Fix.  Then I did some writing and even a little performing for some of their shows.  I also have created special pieces that may only run once...like a recent theatrical homage I did for George Carlin which involved 5 people in a kind of theatrical spoken word experimental piece.

I send out an email to about 350 people a few times every month which lists all kinds of reading events happening throughout the Seattle and Puget Sound areas.  If you wat to get on that list and have more schtuff in your email inbox.. let me know...drop me a line at emeraldchris@yahoo.com


I'll be entering my 2007 poems shortly.   Lots of snafus on getting to the website last year and I didn't follow up to figure things out—-so they are being put on now just before we start the 2008 round.

I remember asking several times.. why oh why am I doing this?  And then writing some things that wound up sparking something else which eventually led to something worthwhile  and there-in lies the reason why.  

I discover new voices, new subjects, new ideas to write about. It's an huge stretch on the Writing Down the Bones stream of consciousness type of writing and having to decipher my scribbles if I write things down on a pad with a pen is also a challenge akin to.. well no actually much harder than the New York Times Crossword ...

Yeah often I roll out of bed...and do it on the computer because then I can read my nonsense...

I wound up doing it every day last year—even though I didn't feel I had to make sure I did something every day.  

2007: I came up with some good phrases and ideas that were expanded to poems or wound up being Poem Starters and there's still a few more here and there that might wind up as something.

Yeah I'm doing it again this year 2008...but I probably will miss a few days...


Finally logging in my 2008 3:15 poems.   I was not going to participate this year with too many things going on both personally and professionally, but I thought perhaps the challenge of not being ready would yield some interesting results.

Not sure that happened, but one should be humbled by their limitations on occasion, we all should be learning, growing.

I'm curating and hosting 4 poetry series in Seattle/Kirkland area.
One only happens in the summer months.  I send out a literary email blast of many of the readings that occur around the Northwest.  You can ask to be on this and receive 3 to 4 emails per month by emailing me at emeraldchris@yahoo.com.  IN the subject line just write something like:  Please add me to the lit list.   I never ever share email addresses.  If someone claiming to be your long lost brother emailed me begging for your email, I would at best forward the email to you and let you decide to respond or not.


I participated this year AND was writing at least one postcard poem per day.  I thought I would be missing several days but wound up creating something every day, usually around 3:15 a.m. time period.    

I'm in the Seattle area, host two monthly poetry gatherings.  It's the ninth year of my hosting poetry in Columbia City.  3rd Fridays at Bookworm Exchange on Rainier Avenue. 7 to 9 p.m.

2nd Wednesdays at Parkplace Books in Kirkland 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Thank you Danika and also to Todd for keeping this website going and those of us still crazy enough to do this connected.


I nearly talked myself out of participating in this wonderful writing exercise.  It's difficult to scribble down some poems and NOT disturb the person next to you.  Three or four days wound up being 5:15 poems.  I set the alarm to wake me up at least an hour earlier than usual. I was also doing the August Postcards...where you write a small poem on a postcard and send it out to the next person on a list of participants located all over the world.  Many were started as 3:15 type poems with the postcard as a prompt and later crafted, hopefully improved and sent out.  I've noted the ones that were 'prompted by postcards' since they aren't PURE 3:15 EXPERIMENT POEMS, but perhaps a legit variance...

  Thanks for perusing the 2010 batch. You can grow as a writer/poet through this 'exercise'.  It might not produce many interesting poems to read, but it fertilizes some great seeds later on.  


It works!!!  I guess you don't have the 0 1 2 3 numbers to click on as in former years until AFTER you do it yourself.  Not too difficult to do. Thanks Tod, Danika, pleasure to challenge myself once again.  A few good writes, lots of interesting misses which I consider an unqualified success in terms of 3:15-ing.  Between the August Post-Cards, some poetry readings, curating and hosting some poetry readings, it was a busy month, but I believe I did one every 3:15 A.M. or close enough.  Glad to see some veterans and a few newbies, plus a Facebook page.  Wow.  Read on if you dare.  


Was undecided in late July if I would participate in 2012.  I had recently bought and moved into a condo with my Teresa, my wife and had a busy schedule plus I was also participating in the August Poetry Postcard exercise.  

But I challenged myself to do it and not wimp out.  I figured it would probably be my last year.  

Now it is August 2014 and I discovered that I never entered my poems for 2012!  I knew I still needed to enter my 2013 poems, but had lost my password and just a few moments ago...got into the site (Thanks Tod!).    

2013 was the year I wasn't going to participate but started waking up at 3:15 without an alarm, give or take 30 minutes and so I scribbled down some poems.  Wound up writing most early mornings anyway.

Possessed?  Addicted? Diseased?

Sure...  Poets are like that.. right?

My scribbles circa August 2012...



I was not...like the character in Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham, NOT going to participate.

enough was enough...

No green eggs and ham...no 3:15 experiment this year...

But...on August 1st, I woke up and glanced at the clock which read 3:21 (A.M.).  Since it was set five minutes ahead.. that meant it was 3:16.

I didn't set the alarm...and I sometimes will wake up at 1:30 or 4:00 but what are the chances...  3:16 on August 1st.

Obviously I should write a poem and did.

It was...I told myself for old time's sake.  

I didn't set my alarm...but I did put a pad of paper and pen nearby just in case I did so I wouldn't have to get out of bed and find one to write on.

I believe on August 2nd I woke up at about 3:40...no alarm.  close enough.

No alarms, but when I woke up, usually between 2:45 and 4:00 a.m. I wrote a poem.   It happened almost every night despite my refusal to set the alarm and my initial resistance to 3:15 ing.

Resistance was futile.

Pray for me...  

I am doing it again in 2014...(and without an alarm...  if I am destined to write a poem around 3:15 it will happen and I will write...and it has happened most nights this August (2014) too.


2014  introduction

Thank you Tod for your continued reliability as webmaster for this site and of course Danika for maintaining enthusiasm and encouragement toward the 3:15 project.    I did not anticipate writing many poems this year as I was not pre-setting my alarm but completely letting what might happen to happen Ė meaning if I woke up around 3:15 I would write something.
This happened many times and the results of the scribbles I am sharing this September 20, 2014.  This is Year 10 as a participant for me.  And during August I was also writing Poetry Postcards.  A few times I woke up with some postcards nearby and scribbled a 3:15 postcard poem!  

(I don't see a 2014 drop-down in the What Year box...so this might not work or may wind up creating an additional 0  day entry elsewhere.  Sorry about that if that has happened).



September 24, 2014

Thank you Tod for your continued reliability as webmaster for this site and of course Danika for maintaining enthusiasm and encouragement toward the 3:15 project.

And those who gather on FACEBOOK.

I did not anticipate writing many poems this year as I was not pre-setting my alarm but completely letting what might happen to happen Ė meaning if I woke up around 3:15 I would write something.
This happened most nights (between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. anyway.

The scribbles that resulted I share here.

This is Year 10 as a participant for me.  And during August I was also writing Poetry Postcards.  A few times I woke up with some postcards nearby and scribbled a 3:15 postcard poem!  

Copyright 2005 by the individual poets