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This is my fifth year participating in the 315 experiment: 2001, 2002, 2003, a little in 2004, and now in 2005.

Every year is a little different.

This year I wanted to write each night about a different Christine Brennan painting and use the middle of the night inspirations for a children’s book.

This year, after almost two years of remodeling, we were finally sleeping again in the big room downstairs.where the moon poured in on us for the first time through the new windows, but the bathroom is still not done.

This year my watchband broke in July, and the battery went out on my usual 315 watch so it was up to my husband Marshall to set the alarm and turn it off because it’s his alarm clock, he knows how to work it, and he knows how to reset it so he can get to work in the morning.

This year, I read them for the first time aloud to my husband as we drove home from Burning Man.

Some things remain the same.

Some nights I had night terrors, some nights not. I wrote some nights, some nights not.

I never wrote about anything that I thought I was going to write about, including the Christine Brennan paintings.

I slept in my own bed every night and used the same notebook every night.

I climbed the stairs, peed, and checked on the baby every night before I wrote.

I can’t decide between mango or avocado, because both, like this experiment, are wonderful.

Some misc notes: I do a lot of Natalie Goldberg style writing practice with my Ventura College writing students and I approach the 315 experiment in a similar way—I get an idea and run with it, letting it take me where it wants to go and discovering when I get there where I am. I do very little if any editing that night. I have tried doing a little editing, particularly paying attention to line breaks and capitalization, but I am too out of it by the time I finish writing to concentrate on it—that’s if I can read what I wrote! A lot of the time I just turn out the light when I get to the end. And of course I didn’t edit later—so, yep, it’s the raw stuff, baby. A few 315s from previous years have undergone some editing for publication (ARTLIFE Limited Editions for example) but I try to stay as true to their 315ness as possible by mostly removing the extra words. I think I’ve published maybe a dozen 315 poems in ARTLIFE over the years—you can see one at www.art-life.com from the December 2001 issue. I am working on a 315 manuscript titled “Love & Terror at 315am” and may include both versions in the manuscript—the raw version and the revised one. The cover will have the picture of my pregnant belly with an alarm clock set for 315 (yes, the one that's on the 315 Experiment home page—Alan Sailor did the artwork and Tim Zimmerman took the photo). Let me know if you want a copy of the book when it's done. Reach me: gwendolynalley@yahoo.com

Thanks Danika and Tod!

See you at the 315 reading April 20 at Zoey’s Café in Ventura!

September 2005


this is a test.

hi tod!

hi danika!

hi you!

check out the cafe press goat head t-shirts! (just kidding!)


yep here it is 2007 more or less

you can email me gwendolynalley@yahoo.com

i will probably write you back

you can join my yahoo group, literalley_ventura, to find out what's going on in my world and the world around me

check back on this page as i hope to write something of interest

lots of love to danika, tod & jen, and all of you too

gwendolyn alley aka pingie

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