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Others who wrote poems on this day:

Tod McCoy
Christopher Jarmick
Eli Galla
Kevin Mooneyham
Abraham Morales
Danika Dinsmore
Iain Burnside
Gabriel Skvor
Liz Collins
gwendolyn alley

‘the surrealist project, beyond the limitations of space and time, can contribute to the efficacious reunification of all those who do not despair of the transformation of the world and who wish this transformation to be as radical as possible’

—andre breton


hello everyone,

winter solstice and the final spoken word salon at zoey’s in ventura are drawing near as i complete the final week of my first semester online in naropa’s jack kerouac school of disembodied poetics, the birthplace of the 3:15 experiment, sort of. the experiment, like the ‘surrealist project’ is beyond the limitations of space and time, in the twighlight of dreamtime, and beyond. dreaming is the continuation of dreamtime.

i am very grateful to have been able to act as facilitator this year, and to touch base with the broad community of writers that participate.

this september we held the second 3:15 event of the year, ‘a landscape beyond the brink of i’ with danika dinsmore, lee ann brown, laynie browne, jen hofer, antoinette nora claypoole, gwendolyn alley, amalio madueno, dawn marie oliver, and myself reading at the henry miller library in call and response format with jeff kaiser and friends. the event also included candlelit readings in the shadow of giant redwood bellies with the legendary joanne kyger, who kept us up to the wee morning hours with exquisite corpses and red wine.

i look forward to reading everyone’s writings this year.



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