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Welcome to the 3:15 homepage for Kevin Mooneyham

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This is the space for introducing the poems that follow.  It is not really Day 0 for me since I wrote my final 2006, 3:15 poem almost 5 months ago.  Still, cutting and pasting the poems onto the website makes them seem fresh and new, as if I had just written them the night before.  

I cheat my way through this experiment because I work graveyard shifts and generally live at night—no setting the alarm for me, I am already awake!  I believe my contribution to the state of consciousness is that of working mind changing to creative mind.

My biggest limitation is being confined to spending only 20 minutes, the length of my final work break, on writing for most of the nights.  In this and certain other regards I envy the poets that do have to wake up and write.  They are free to write as much or as little as they choose.  I also envy that they are coming out of a dream state, which seems a lot more creative than downshifting from directing custodians to letting my consciousness expand into deeper thought.  In this sense I tried to rely on the English Romantic notion of spots in time brought forth during a moment of calm.  

I think about the various places I chose to write the poems, my favorite being the children’s courtyard at the Eugene Public Library.  Now I have drifted into the 3:15 zone and having crossed that magical time barrier, I could write about the poems I wrote but I say on with the poetry!  

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