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Out of all of the 315ís in August I wrote during 17 of them. It was a nice way to get up and be forced to write. I have written poetry in the past, but I always found that writing under pressure always got the best out of me. I was at my best as a poet when I had to turn a poem in for a grade. After graduating college I just couldnít turn on the poetic switch in my head and heart. I started writing short stories, and that whole time I worked as a writer for an Internet company. So when I would get home and I would have down time, which I could have used to write, I opted not to sit in front of a computer screen or with a blank piece of paper staring at me.

Fast forward a few years to today. About a year ago I started writing a novel. I canít believe a year has gone by and I have only managed to extract 50 or so pages out of my head, but itís coming along. When August, and the 315 experiment came around I was close to having completed 40 pages. With all of the waking up and knowing that I was supposed to write I busted out 10 pages in one month, which is really good. With the book project I never feel like Iím blocked. Most of the time I simply donít feel the motivation I need to sit and add something substantial to my text. I do have to say that waking up at an un-Godly hour actually helped motivate me to write more in August outside of work and the experiment.

This experiment is great for several reasons, but there is one that stands out for me above all others. The rawness of what is written when your conscious mind isnít working is astonishing. Being raw is being true. Truth is what we are constantly seeking as a race, and to have a glimpse of the truth that is hidden inside of each of us is a great gift that all of us who wrote at 315 in the month of August should be thankful for. I plan on doing this again with all of you next year, solely for this reason.


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