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The 3:15 Experiment 2008



Welcome to the 3:15 homepage for Liz Collins

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this year the experiment followed quick on the heels of the big sur fires of 08, the 'basin complex fire'. it was my fifth year and my fourth 'official' year. poignantly, at the end of the month, at almost the exact same time that my birth pains began a year earlier with my son, a local daughter, not yet 18, was killed in a tragic car crash that involved a number of other individuals. i dedicate this years poems to her, rachel love.

i didn't participate officially with paul nelson and his group, but i did really like the idea of the postcards, so, i went to the phoenix shop next door to my house and bought an edward gorey book of postcards (i love edward gorey!), exactly 30 in the book. i figured i would miss at least one day! so, i addressed and stamped all the postcards ahead of time and wrote a postcard, then a journal entry each morning. i didn't sign any of the postcards, and didn't record the poems i sent out. it was like setting little boats of light out on the water, come to what end they may. i loved dropping one into the big blue box each morning of the month. on the days i missed the morning write, i wrote the postcard later and sent it that day, no matter what. what fun. thanks for hte idea paul.

viva la revolucion!


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