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The 3:15 Experiment 2012



Welcome to the 3:15 homepage for Sean Ward

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when a lover leaves,
the heart may seize


musica universalis

the living night approaches sacred as

its empurpled depths encroach the shadows

1000 campfires twinkle on hillside,

reflecting the heavens as a rippling

tide of laughter dances through the sounds of

forest interrupting the ringing of

cricket strings that rub as if along the

edge of a glass, celestial, sings,

echoes, musica universalis


Everyone's Atlantis

there is nothing quite like awakening
in the glow of the womb, iridescent—
one color blooms as another wilts from

pressure on optic nerves—(now) to submerge,
travel there the way a diver traverses
vast ruins of a lost city, vestiges

of a foundation in patterns through
murk where new life emerges and anchors
to the surface of decaying pillars

(oh) to travel back to that place—
curl up like a cat in a patch of light,
the steady liquid beat fading away

then fading back, in this unlit place that's
rarely dark, where one is nameless,
but embraced, and the need to breathe unknown

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