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Paul Nelson 

August, 1999


These poems were written spontaneously, in Projective Verse, using the syllable and the breath line as the structure of the poem. The only changes made to the poems as written are cosmetic, a comma may have been added or changed to a dash. Changes were minor and very few. 

Last year I called all the poems Letters as I was reading the Maximus Poems at the time. This yr poems were numbered 99315 1-31 and the Midnight session "A" and the Noon session "B." Some poems got more formal titles when one emerged and some of the pantoums I wrote were titled as such. I was reading Loba and Homage to Ted Berrigan this August and there are a couple of Ted Berrigan references. I have come to admire his work and his humanity during this summer. Richard Hugo was in one of my dreams and ended up in one poem and browsing a poetry website near noon put Federico Garcia Lorca in another. 

Since I was finishing up the Artist's Way in August, I was writing three times a day for the first week or so and missed a few 3:15 opportunities. 

I have included my best (of those I have typed up so far) as well as some mediocre poems that have something that still appeals to me. A couple of times when I was supposed to be writing poems, I was doing other things such as writing emails and will include at least ONE of those as an example of what I was doing instead of writing poetry, yet you may find it of a poetic nature. (The subject of the email WAS poetry.) 

I also wrote an intro for a poetry/dance collaboration during one Midnight session. The poem Stephanie Skura and I will use for the collaboration "Twisting Runes" is included. The intro is not. I feel that "Twisting Runes" is by far the best poem in the heap and perhaps the best thing I have ever written. 19A is also a favorite. 

My thanks to Danika for inviting me to write last yr and this yr and for making this thing GO! I would prefer a nightly session next yr and hope this thing goes again. I enjoyed the ride. 



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