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Any titles were given at the time of writing. Numbers refer to dates in August and serve as links to both poems written on that day. 

The poems shown in orange are recommended. I'm still in the process of trying to pick out the interesting ones, so I'd be very happy to hear from diligent readers whether my recommendations are a good guide. Please send any comments to lkleinberg@hotmail.com

1     "Midnight," 
      Closet Rod (?)
2     Toi Toy 
      "because i tend / to think too much"
3    Recycled
       "collaboration --- " 
4    "There's a ghost in the hallway, blowing music" (?)
       "There is more merchandise here than books:" 
5    "a patchwork apache attache pastiche of pathos"
       Waiting Room 
6    Power Play Croquet (?)
      "squelched it" (?)
7     "at the end of the Patsy Cline tape" 
       "I missed it." 
8     [none] 
      Excuses, Excuses
9   suspense of irony stance [and strange elegy] *
       "if it weren't for / the violent memories" 
10   "backpack brass knuckles," *
       Product Placement *
11   "home of acquisitions" *
12   "no noon"
       "ah curasso"
13    "a plate of plaid" 
        "big milk" 
14    [none] 
        "unwritten, somewhere on the 99" 
15    [none] 
16    For Adam 
       "adam says it will be up to / benevolent reader" (?)
17   "deflate ment, deflation dee e..." (?)
        "athena and jerry won't rent" (?)
18    "patch of square patch of square" 
       "constant comment housing search, 2 hopes:" (?)
19    "quarter til cucoobird" (?)
        "Bleached blonde with mcdonald's (man)" (?)
20    "the ferns crawl in from RollrmastR" 
        "Eaves and plants in pots" 
21    [none] 
        "Missed last night because of a / Conversation..." 
22    "The project 3/4 over. May continue." 
        Carrying R's TV Box to the City 
23    "mugwort jacaranda jessamine selfcritical" 
        "I'd never read your outland / ishness" 
24    "couldn't live up to her" 
        "We now have a home!" 
       Tour Around the Old House
25   My Pen Has Glitter *
       "Ant hill of unweathered shingles" *
26    "Persephone says / wend me significant" (?)
        "Amazing ability to pinpoint the dial" (?)
27   "Ephemeral dingbat drat that infernal clock."
       "Overhead Draco"
28   Popular Science, 1950.
        "it's difficult to devise" 
29    "to the kissed and unkissed of this world" (?)
        "art of rotating gears" 
30   Japan Photo Poems *
       "Away my maladvisors" *
31    "A pen man's ship" (?)
        "Process" (?)

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