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  Virginia Youngblood 

August, 1999


It certainly took me long enough to get this work organized! Here it is the last day of June, 2000. Well, I recall enjoying the project last year—it was not easy to get up at midnight, nor was it easy to write poems at work at noon, and often enough I ended up missing the time and simply writing something later on. And I stopped the project completely around the middle of August, since I was making a major, somewhat sudden move from the east coast to the west at the beginning of September. Themes in the work—people, food, the town of Providence, language, comprehension, books I was reading at the time, architecture. Starting to sound like a Talking Heads album. Well, thanks to everyone who was out there writing last August—it's not something I take for granted, that there will be people writing poetry in the world at the same time anyone else is.

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