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August, 2002
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Danika Dinsmore
Amber Fearn
Lisa Hanson
Evelyn Holloway
Tod McCoy
Paul Nelson
Andrew Noble
Dawn-Marie Oliver
Paul Smith

I went back and forth about adding a second ritual or form for myself during the experiment this year. I mean the whole point of the experiment is to let go of form and self, but still I wanted to see what kind of effect it would have.

I decided I would write down the first 3 random words that popped into my head when my alarm went off (as a starting point for the poem), but it didn't seem to be doing anything towards revelation, so I stopped after the 3rd day. I think this technique (not consciously) reappears in the middle of some of the later poems, though. Possibly as a method of beginning a new thought or idea during a mini-writer's block.

I'm getting old, I'm getting tired, or perhaps it was just my life being difficult at the time, but I found that I struggled to wake up and stay awake more this year than any other previous year. I've also not lived with these entries long enough to appreciate them yet. But a few lines are growing on me.

perhaps I am not a poet after all
perhaps      I am a


Thanks again to all who participated and to webmaster Tod for doing the hard work!

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